Trafalgar – Another 24!

In two days I will walk into Trafalgar Castle in Whitby, Ontario and get locked in for 8 hours. Doesn’t sound appealing? Of course it is! It’s actually a big time honour and privilege.

This will be my third consecutive year of being locked into the fantastic 19th century castle that is strategically hidden in the heart of downtown Whitby. It will be my third year as one of the PLAYWRIGHTS for Driftwood Theatre’s annual TRAFALGAR24 Play Creation Festival!

At 10pm on Thursday night me and five other playwrights will be locked into the castle, given some sort of prompt, pictures of our actors and the room in which we are to create our plays. We will be given 8 hours to write our play. At 6am Friday…the doors will be unlocked. The playwrights will be freed and the actors and directors will then be locked in for 8 hours. Sounds like fun, eh. It is! Trust me.

On Friday night, there will be a fantastic gala event…6 plays, wine and a bounty of amazing desserts. There will also be a silent auction and an amazing amount of laughter, pathos, drama, and more. All for an exceptional cause—DRIFTWOOD THEATRE.

This year, there is one slight difference. On previous years there were 10 plays and each audience member got to pick 6 plays to view. This year, there are only 6 plays…and the audience, along with a jury, sees all six and votes on their favourite. One play will be selected for further development.

I’m happy to have been chosen to be one of the 6 playwrights for this event. I already won.


Here’s to another great year in the castle!


By Kevin Craig

Author, Poet, Playwright. Author of The Camino Club, Billions of Beautiful Hearts, and Book of Dreams, all from Duet Books, the LGBTQ Young Adult imprint of Chicago Review Press. Other books: Pride Must Be A Place, Half Dead & Fully Broken, Burn Baby Burn Baby, The Reasons, Sebastian's Poet, and Summer on Fire.

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