The Writers’ Community of Durham Region (<link to their website!) is an umbrella organization in Durham Region, Ontario. They have an amazing, and amazingly active, creative community under this umbrella! One of the most exciting things to come out of the WCDR in recent years is the wonderful series of PROSE competitions! They have been running this competition now for two rounds, and each one comes with a wonderful collection of prose presented in a stunningly beautiful anthology. The first collection, WICKED WORDS, was the result of their prose competition using the theme word WICKED. The second collection, WILD WORDS, was the result of, you guessed it, their prose competition using the theme word WILD.
If you click on the book cover images below, you will be directed to the WCDR site and the pages specific to each anthology’s ordering details.

Wicked Words Anthology


Wild Words Anthology - Now Available!

The WCDR is not stopping at these two powerful, evocative collections. Why would they? Both competitions have been highly successful, and both brought some beautiful prose into the WCDR fold from around the world.

The next WCDR Prose Competition was just announced recently. In keeping with the theme of the letter W…which, to me, is a wonderfully slithery letter with alliteration of its own…their competition this time around will be WHISPERED WORDS! How fun!

Once the Whispered Words prose competition is announced on their website, I will provide a link. In the mean time, I CAN tell you that the contest prizes are extremely generous, the entry fee is reasonable and the prestige of being within the pages of one of these wonderful WCDR anthologies is tremendous! (I was lucky enough to be granted an honorable mention in the first anthology, WICKED WORDS, for my experimental horror story Rabacheeko.)

For those of you who are ARTISTS, please keep in mind that not only are the words in these anthologies collected through competition, but so to is the cover art. And, so far, the cover art competition judges have done an incredibly stellar job awarding their artists. I think you’ll agree with me when I say that the covers thus far are both beautiful!

Please see this link for a breakdown of the WILD WORDS competition results:


Please see this link for a breakdown of the WICKED WORDS competition results:


Don’t forget to enter to win one of three signed copies of SUMMER ON FIRE!