YA Novel – Summer On Fire – Available July 1st!

My young adult novel, Summer on Fire will be available July 1st. As well as being available at most ebook sites, including Amazon, it will be sold directly from my publisher’s website. If you are interested in reading Summer on Fire, please visit MUSEITUP PUBLISHING to purchase a copy. Here’s a link: SUMMER ON FIRE AT MUSEITUP PUBLISHING Price is $5.50 for the ebook.

The back cover blurb:

Zach Carson is a loyal friend. But is loyalty enough to keep best friends together when one of them sets fire to the rural barn they use as the local hangout?

Zach, Jeff Barsell and Arnie Wilson struggle to pick up the pieces when news spreads that a body was discovered in the burnt out shell of the neighbouring home. When the word murder is used by the local police, the stakes grow even higher. When the police start searching for their most likely suspect—none other than Jeff’s older brother, and nemesis, Marty Barsell—the boys decide to join forces and come up with a way to prove his innocence.

But just how innocent is Marty Barsell? When Marty admits to being at the scene of the crime, the three friends enlist the help of Zach’s annoying sister, Sherry, as well as the sympathetic town eccentric, Ms. Halverton. But can they keep it together long enough to save Marty, and themselves, from eminent catastrophe? Summer on Fire is the story of friendships, and the lines we are asked to cross in order to keep them.

Summer on Fire by Kevin Craig

I hope to have a book launch announcement soon for the print version of the book. When the details are worked out, I will announce it here. Until then, please enjoy the ebook on your ereader of choice! Mine is Kobo. (-;

Don’t forget to enter the contest I’m holding. I’m giving away 3 signed print copies of Summer on Fire. You have to enter by July 1st, though. Prize includes shipping. Click here to be directed to the book giveaway post: WIN A COPY OF SUMMER ON FIRE

If you pick up a copy, please let me know what you think!



By Kevin Craig

Author, Poet, Playwright. Author of The Camino Club, Billions of Beautiful Hearts, and Book of Dreams, all from Duet Books, the LGBTQ Young Adult imprint of Chicago Review Press. Other books: Pride Must Be A Place, Half Dead & Fully Broken, Burn Baby Burn Baby, The Reasons, Sebastian's Poet, and Summer on Fire.

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