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Review Spotlight!

I was fortunate to have an amazing review written for Summer on Fire this week. You can read it on the blog of Kathy Ann Coleman. I don’t know Kathy, but she was the winner of a signed copy of Summer on Fire. I was extremely flattered when I read her review. Several people were impressed by her writing and the attention to detail she showed in the review. One person in particular, Karen Cote, requested permission from Kathy to repost the review on the Reader’s Choice Lounge section of her website. But this is not just a reposting of the initial review. You have to see it to believe it. Karen’s website is very unique and eye-catching! You can check out what she’s done with the review in the link provided below. Let’s just say she posted it and included her own commentary on it!

Karen Cote’s The Reader’s Choice Lounge version of Kathy Ann Coleman’s Review of Summer on Fire!

Karen Cote’s Talking Website

Thanks to both Kathy Ann Coleman & Karen Cote! A writer dreams to have reviews like this one!

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