I was just going to write a blog about how hectic my September is looking, then I realized I did the exact same thing last September.

I’m sitting on a Muskoka chair (that’s an Adirondack chair to my American friends), looking out on the Lake of Bays in Dwight, Ontario. It might be said that I am contemplating life. 😉

My family is in the water–the dogs circling them to make sure they are safe–and I am just relaxing. We are staying at the same cottages we have stayed at for 4 summers now. The ‘compound’ consists of 10 small rustic cottages arranged in a semi-circle with a house in the middle.

The house is owned by the family who runs the cottages. I have been daydreaming about how perfect it would be to run writing retreats here. And daydreaming about actually buying the place from the (quite possibly) soon to be retiring couple who run it.

It really is the perfect setup for writing retreats…and it’s minutes from Huntsville. I wonder how easy it would be to attract writers up to this beautiful location for week-long retreats? Hmmmmmm?

And facilitators, of course!

Maybe dreams are started to help us find THAT thing we really SHOULD be doing!

By Kevin Craig

Author, Poet, Playwright


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