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Words are Sometimes Whispered…

…and they are always Wicked and Wild!

Oh, I can hear what you’re saying. “But what does he mean?”

Let me tell you about WHISPERED WORDS and how they can help you put $1,000.00 into your pocket. NO…this is not a scam like the Princess from a land far far away who wants your banking information so she can deposit $89,000,000,000.00 into your account for safe keeping. It’s a real opportunity for your very own WHISPERED WORDS to earn you a cash prize!

“Tell me more!” you may be saying now. That’s just what I’m going to do!

BUT FIRST! Let me tell you about 2 fantastic anthologies put together by the Writers’ Community of Durham Region. The first was WICKED WORDS…

Wicked Words Anthology

You can click on the cover above to be taken to the order page for WICKED WORDS. This anthology is special to me because it includes my very first experimental horror piece. I had no idea it would receive an honorable mention, but it did. Someone saw something in it to allow it to pass through the various levels of judging. I have to say it’s a little bit OUT THERE. I even made up my own language for this piece. It’s titled RABACHEEKO.

NOW! Let me tell you about WILD WORDS…

Wild Words Anthology

You can click on the cover above to be taken to the order page for WILD WORDS. This anthology is special to me because I was a second tier judge for the contest that harvested the pieces that eventually landed in its pages. It’s a wonderful selection of stories that will keep you up at night. (-:

Now…the reason I included pictures of the covers of the anthologies above. Not only could your WHISPERED WORDS earn you $1,000.00, but your WHISPERED ART could also land you a cool $150.00! The contest I’m about to tell you about includes opportunities for writers AND artists!



Write 1000 words. Win $1000 dollars. (Now that sounds easy!)

Whispered Words, WCDR’s themed prose competition, is now open. The contest welcomes fiction and non-fiction. They accept prose of all kinds: literary, science fiction, children’s, memoir, essay, creative non-fiction. All entries compete head to head, word for word…and whisper for whisper.

Theme: Whispered Words, of course!


  • $1,000 First Place
  • $400 Second Place
  • $200 Third Place

Selected honourable mentions, plus First, Second and Third Prize winners, will appear in the Whispered Words anthology and receive $25 PLUS a contributor’s copy. Every entry receives written feedback.

  • Maximum: 1000 words
  • Entry fee: $20 Canadian ($25 for international entries)
  • Deadline: November 30, 2011
  • Winners announced: March, 2012
  • Three-tier blind judging
  • Online entry only—email entries as attachments to THE EMAIL ADDRESS THAT APPEARS IN THE LINK BELOW
  • Go to the link below and you will find a link to the official contest rules


While you’re on that page, you can also scroll down to learn about the COVER ART portion of the contest:

Psst…There’s a Whispered Words cover contest, too!

They say a picture’s worth 1000 words, but what do whispers look like? Show the WCDR, and your artwork could appear on the cover of their Whispered Words anthology. The prize is $150, publication on the cover of the Whispered Words anthology, plus a contributor’s copy.

  • Entry fee: $5 Canadian
  • Deadline: November 30, 2011
  • Winner announced: March, 2012
  • Blind judging

SO. Like I said. Go to the CONTEST LINK and then, start writing your WHISPERED WORDS!

All entries, as mentioned above, are online only. You will find links on the contest page for paying through Paypal or Credit Card. Just click the button for the payment that applies to you. It’s all so easy!

I will be entering this year. I need to get the whispers out of my head and on to the page. I hope you enter too! And GOOD LUCK! May the best WHISPERS win!

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