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Today I get to talk about the Writing Community of Durham Region’s NEW prose writing contest. Why does this excite me? Two reasons. The first, it’s a WCDR contest! They’re always spectacular. The first prize is $1,000.00 CDN. They will have an anthology of the winning entries, along with other selected entries. They will have a book launch where some will read their work. The contests are just great all-round. I always look forward to them!

The second reason? I get to ‘say’ the name of the contest. You’ll have to imagine me actually ‘saying’ it…as I don’t feel like recording the moment for a Memorex moment. Maybe you could say it with me? Let’s try…


Now tell me, did your tongue roll as you said it? Tell me you realize it’s said like AMBROSIA. What an awesome contest name! I love it. It’s a cornucopia word…makes you think of food. A dish of words. AMPROSHHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAA.

Now would be a good time to reveal that I am one of those sad people who cannot roll his rrrrrrrrrs. Or any other letter or word for that matter. It’s true. When I say Rrrrrrolllll up the rim to win, it just comes out roll up the rim to win. It’s very sad. I’m an embarrassed Canadian. And forget about me ever conquering a doable Scottish accent. That ship has sailed!

THIS is ambrosia salad. You will need a fork!

Anyway, let’s stay on topic. AMPROSIA. The WCDR prose contest with an OPEN THEME is now open for online entries! Write your best ambrosia salad of delectable words and enter today!

This is a word salad. You will need to read (Let's pretend it's not actually food)!


PRIZES – • $1,000 First Place • $400 Second Place • $200 Third Place

Selected honorable mentions, plus 1st, 2nd & 3rd Prize winners, will appear in the Amprosia anthology and receive $25 PLUS a contributor’s copy. Three-tier blind judging. All entries receive feedback from first-tier judges!

  • Maximum: 1000 words
  • Online entry only—email and instructions at WCDR website
  • $20 Canadian entry fee ($25 for international entries)
  • Enter as many times as you wish; each entry requires the entry fee.
  • Deadline: November 1, 2012

Click on the AMPROSIA pic below to be taken to the contest page: