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I recently reflected on the novels I have written to date. And there is one common thread throughout ALL of them (9 full and complete manuscripts to date). Someone dies. When I realized this, I considered novels in general. Does someone die in a great majority of novels, or is this common thread found only in mine–or people like me? I panicked as I thought of the novels I’ve read recently. I quickly went through the titles: Book 1-nobody dies, Book 2-nobody dies, Book 3-nobody dies. I thought I was on to something. I thought I might be this weird sadistic person who kills all his characters. Then, I thought of more of my current reads: Book 4-someone dies! Book 5-somone dies! Book 6-someone dies Book 7-lots of someones die! Book 8-two someones die! Book 9-apocolypse–almost everyone dies! Book10-super colossal volcano–almost everyone dies!

I came to a conclusion. Though I kill off at least one character in each of my novels, I’m no more cruel–and at times, I’m extremely less cruel–than other authors! I can breathe easy!

Still, that’s a lot of bodies to pile up behind me. One of my goals for this summer’s Muskoka Novel Marathon will be to keep all of my characters alive. We’ll see how that goes! I’m not going to promise anything, though. If the need arises, I will waste no time taking a life!

Now…something I am incredibly embarrassed about. I’ve been repeatedly announcing that my upcoming novel release is June 7th. SEBASTIAN’S POET actually comes out JULY 6th! I’ve been so busy with so many things…I don’t know where I got the original date from, but I was so wrong! Sorry about that. JULY 6TH – Please save THAT date.

There we go!

The contest to win 1 of 3 signed print copies of SEBASTIAN’S POET is still in place. You can go to THIS POST and leave a comment. This is all you have to do to enter the contest.