The Reasons – Novel Number Three!

I wrote THE REASONS at the 2008 Muskoka Novel Marathon. It was my second marathon, and my first 72-hour marathon (The previous year, I did the 48-hour marathon and wrote Sebastian’s Poet). I had such a great time writing The Reasons. It was the first time I ever wrote a story in 2 POVs. I alternated chapters. It was all first person – First chapter was in Tobias Reason’s POV and the second chapter was in Maggie Reason’s POV. And it went that way for the entire novel, alternating from Tobias to Maggie. They are mother and son. And such a polar-opposite pair. It was such an incredibly fun experience to switch from one to another.

This morning I discovered that MUSA PUBLISHING, the same publisher who accepted–and later published–Sebastian’s Poet, will be publishing THE REASONS in 2013! I’m beyond thrilled. I had such a fantastic experience through the editing process of Sebastian’s Poet, that I was eager to get another novel accepted by them. It seemed fitting that Sebastian and the Reason family should be placed with the same publishing family. (-:

Details will follow, once the contract is signed and a schedule to publication is announced. For the time being, I will share a short summary of the novel with you here:

THE REASONS – Winner of the BEST ADULT NOVEL AWARD – 2008 Muskoka Novel Marathon

What would you do if the police showed up at your door to inform you your daughter has died in a car accident? Maggie Reason beats up the officer who shows up at her door and insists that her daughter is alive and well. She then spends the next several years imagining Deja to be a part of her everyday existence. But Maggie was crazy long before Deja’s death. Her middle child, Tobias Reason, knows this all too well. He attempts to raise himself and his younger sister, Marcy, while Maggie communes with her dead child and spirals out of control in a confusing existence she desperately attempts to make sense of.

Throw in the self-centered father, David Reason, who lives across town in hiding from his insane ex-wife, and Tobias has his job cut out for him. On a whim, Maggie takes the Reason children on a cross-country trip, but decides to leave twelve-year-old Tobias at a gas station in Quebec to see if he has what it takes to find his way home to Ontario.

When Marcy hits her teen years, it appears she may be suffering from the same illness that has befallen her mother. When she suffers a breakdown, Maggie doesn’t come to the rescue. On the contrary, she sees the breakdown as her opportunity to make a move on Marcy’s live-in boyfriend. Things go well until something about the boyfriend’s seduction triggers a buried memory for Maggie, sending her into a tailspin that causes the boyfriend to flee the family for good.

When Maggie’s mother, Althea Trick, dies, she leaves her house to Maggie. Maggie hands the newly inherited property over to Tobias, as she wants nothing to do with her mother—living or dead. Tobias, never having known his grandmother, chooses to learn about her by exploring the house. In his search he finds paternity papers for Marcy, proving she is the daughter of his grandmother’s ex-boyfriend. He confronts his mother, who loses her mind upon discovering the news. After her reaction, the only other thing he can do is confront his father, who tells him Maggie was raped by the man and that he had kept the results of the paternity test from her—worried about the strain it would have on her sanity.

In his constant efforts to clean up after his mother’s messes, Tobias quickly convinces himself he must kill the man who has done this to his mother. He visits Leon Reynolds with the intention of killing him. His only problem…he likes the man. In the end, he knows he cannot take a life. But there are other ways to make people pay for their mistakes. Sometimes it is harder to live with what you have done than it is to die for having done it. And there are other ways to save the honour of your crazy mother.

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By Kevin Craig

Author, Poet, Playwright. Author of The Camino Club, Billions of Beautiful Hearts, and Book of Dreams, all from Duet Books, the LGBTQ Young Adult imprint of Chicago Review Press. Other books: Pride Must Be A Place, Half Dead & Fully Broken, Burn Baby Burn Baby, The Reasons, Sebastian's Poet, and Summer on Fire.


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