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This post is for all my writer friends from Muskoka Novel Marathon, the WCDR, etc…

I’ve been talking about getting a contingent of writers up to Glen Manor Cottages for a writing retreat weekend for some time now. I think that if we start the dialogue now, we can probably plan for a September/October retreat in 2013 (Missed the boat on this year).

Quite a few asked me about the cottages, not only in relation to the possible retreat but also for themselves to book a vacation there next summer. I thought I would write a blog post about it to let everybody know about the location.


Early fall, 2013

-I’d like to gauge interest for this event. What I envision is renting all the cottages for a weekend in the early fall of 2013 and spending the time together doing; on-the-spot writing, workshops, intensive writing (marathon style), bonfires together, day-trips, etc, etc.

-I will find out what weekend works best for the owners (a weekend that is fully UN-booked) and then I will let everyone know. The cottages will be booked BY YOU. There will obviously be NO EXTRA CHARGE for participating in the weekend. We will write together, either in the cottages or by the lake. Those who are interested in facilitating a mini-workshops may do so—but I envision these being volunteer basis ONLY. No hierarchy. There are 9 cottages. These include 1, 2 & 3 bedrooms. Those interested in sharing, can arrange this together prior to booking. If some share accommodations, we can obviously get more people up there. Weather permitting, we could have early morning canoe trips—and return to the cottages to write about it. This weekend will be totally organic. Whatever happens, happens…it will definitely be a weekend for writing, but partners would be welcome as well.

-WRITERS – Let me know if you are interested in attending FALL INTO WORDS. Email me at kevintcraig @ hotmail DOT com. I’m doing this a year in advance so we can actually make it happen this time around. As soon as Sherry lets me know which weekend would work best for the resort, I will let you know that it is TIME TO BOOK. It will obviously be first come/first serve. I won’t be doing any of the booking…you can do it directly through Sherry. This most likely won’t happen until early 2013. For now, just email me to let me know you’re interested in attending. AND, if you’re interested in giving a mini-workshop—let me know. I would like to coordinate this part of the weekend ahead of time, to ensure there are no duplicate workshops, etc. If you’re interested in presenting one—think 1/2 hour workshop. Just give me a brief outline…I’d like to throw something together for all those attending.


Okay…now, for those who are not interested in attending the retreat, but are looking for an incredible place to vacation in Muskoka (OR those who want to attend the retreat AND find a great place to vacation) – Here’s the info for the cottages:

Map & Contact Information for GLEN MANOR COTTAGES in Dwight, Ontario

Glen Manor Cottages – 1129 Dwight Beach Road – Dwight, Ontario