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The AVIVA COMMUNITY FUND time is here again. It’s time for you to vote for the causes you want to see receiving funds from Aviva.

The Bard’s Bus! Driftwood Theatre, on the road…

My votes are going to DRIFTWOOD THEATRE!
Under the leadership of Jeremy Smith, Driftwood has blossomed from a Durham Region based theatre group to a provincial wide phenomenon.

To quote their guiding principle directly from their Aviva page:

GUIDING PRINCIPLE.  But great theatre is only of value if an audience has access to it. That is why our most important work, the annual Bard’s Bus Tour, will always be available for Pay-What-You-Can admission. We share our productions directly with communities that would not normally have access to professional theatre and present the summer tour in outdoor venues, completely accessible to all members of the public. Everyone who wants to be entertained, provoked, inspired or moved by theatre should be afforded the opportunity to do so.

Their work includes the Bard’s Bus tour, but is not limited to it. They also have new play development, professional development, education and outreach. This non-profit organization is SO worthy of our support. Check them out and give them your votes, if you feel so inclined. (You can vote once a day for the duration of the campaign–ends Oct 15th)

You can find Driftwood Theatre’s Aviva page here!