Word by Word – A Song Collaboration with my Brother!

Every year for the Ontario Writer’s Conference, the organizing committee chooses a handful of people to participate in an exercise that highlights some form of writing. It’s a little treat that we put on for the attendees. In 2011, we had some playwrights create skits and some volunteer actors perform them. In 2012, we decided to have songwriters put together songs and invite an artist to perform them. Being on the Board of Directors, I had some sway. (-: I was one of the songwriters and my brother, George Craig, was the performer. Here is my brother performing WORD BY WORD for the 2012 Ontario Writers’ Conference attendees. I wrote the lyrics, and George put them to music. I’m extremely proud to share my talented brother with you all! Enjoy!

By Kevin Craig

Author, Poet, Playwright


  1. Love this – the words are just beautiful, and George can sing for me anytime! (little swoon)

    My favorite line – “Get it down on paper, before I lose my nerve.” Ain’t that the truth.

    It was a really nice touch at the conference last year – I hope they do it again!

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