Broken Penguins

On April 17th, I attended a CAPE Scholarship fundraiser featuring three of the most celebrated Chinese-Canadian authors. A big thank you goes out to my friend Tina Wong for sending me to see Wayson Choy, Jan Wong and Vincent Lam discuss their latest books. It’s a tough job but someone had to do it.

For an event that featured some of the biggest Canadian authors of our day, this was incredibly intimate. The discussion, hosted by Madame Justice Low, kicked off with a question about how the authors identify themselves.

Growing up as a Chinese-Canadian, I know this can be a controversial question. No answer will ever please everyone. But Jan very boldly told the crowd that she simply calls herself Canadian because she dosen’t believe that term describes an Anglo-Saxon heritage anymore. Never shying from controversy, Jan’s new book confronts her battle and recovery with depression. You go…

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