Perfect Timing – A 10-Minute Play – 2013 InspiraTO Festival

So, I have been given permission to share photos taken at the 2013 InspiraTO Festival at the Alumnae Theatre in Toronto. After the InspiraTO wraps, I’ll post pics from a few shows. For today, it’s just going to be a few stills from my own play. PERFECT TIMING is my InspiraTO play that takes place inside the theatre, on the main stage.

inspiraTO theatre festival 2013 –
Perfect Timing by Kevin Craig
Dramaturge / MC Thompson
Director / Kim Sprenger
Cast / Liam Doherty (Carl)
Cast / Jennifer Gillespie (Melissa)
photography by Ismail Atiev
to attend please visit:

(BUT HURRY! It ends on Saturday June 8th, 2013!)

'My' actors! Jennifer Gillespie & Liam Doherty!
‘My’ actors! Jennifer Gillespie & Liam Doherty!

The actors for Perfect Timing were so much fun! I went to 2 rehearsals at Kim Sprenger’s place and watch as Jennifer, Liam and Kim brought the play to life in the comfort of Kim’s living room. All I had to do at rehearsals was sit back and laugh. The 3 formed a cohesive unit. They seemed to know exactly what they were going to do and when they were going to do it. I enjoyed watching as they each had their A-ha! moments that brought exquisite little details of business into the body of the play. Believe me when I say this, A PLAY IS A COLLABORATION CREATED BY ALL INVOLVED IN ITS MAKING. I wrote the script, the dramaturg made it shine, the director and actors added the business that made it sail. I am so pleased with what my collaborators created. The finished piece makes them all shine. (-:

jDlOmOF7bdmGNdnm3jNhsxXtHDTZxJBjIJWF-ayF_CgBoth of the actors had their own special attributes. Jennifer, shown above fanning herself, instinctively knew that physical comedy was called for with her character. And she rocked it.

rDCm4vNnuMagtfb1h6DMRXW5wDghWdBnWT3pNTdaxlYHere’s Jennifer Gillespie (Melissa), giving Liam Doherty (Carl) what for! Liam’s dry delivery was the perfect offset for Jennifer’s physical comedy. He nailed his lines. Watching the rehearsal’s in Kim’s living room, I’d be laughing as Jennifer flew across the ‘stage’ at Liam…and I’d barely catch my breath when Liam would drop a line with his signature drollness…and I’d lose it again. I could not have asked for better actors.

Thanks to Dominik Loncar & Lumir Hladik of the InspiraTO Festival—for providing me with such a great atmosphere of mentorship. And thanks to my dramaturg, MC Thompson for taking the time to ask ALL the right questions and make ALL the right suggestions. Thanks to Kim Sprenger for her vision as director of Perfect Timing. And many thanks to Jennifer Gillespie & Liam Doherty for more than bringing Melissa & Carl to life!

Oh Canada, our home and native land…

(I wrote a post for ALL THE WRITE NOTES today…feel free to swing by and check out the blog!)

By Kevin Craig

Author, Poet, Playwright

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