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I cannot believe that the Ontario Writers’ Conference has made yet another journey around the sun! It is once again on the horizon, folks! This year, for me, it’s going to be a totally different ballgame. (-: This will be the first year since the conference’s inception that I am not involved in the organization of the event. This gives me a great SAD! But I was not turfed from my space at the Board of Directors table. I left willingly. Sometimes, one has to step aside from their passions in order to allow a new infusion of blood. Change is the cornerstone of success for things like this. After about eight years, it was time for me to step down and allow room for somebody else to feel the passion. So, there you have it. I will NOT be organizing the conference this coming year.

Having said this, I am more than thrilled to announce that I will be in attendance at the conference. I just signed the contract to be a BLUE PENCIL MENTOR. My heart broke a little–in a good way–last evening when Madam President put forward the invitation. I responded immediately in the affirmative.

This means I can talk up the conference as much as I always have, without looking a bit like a stalker for doing so. With my foot in the door for this 6th OWC event, I can sing its praises until the cows come home! (-:

So…wherever you are in Ontario–or the world, for that matter–make it your duty to register for the 2014 Ontario Writers’ Conference! You will thank me…and you will thank yourself. The tireless & passionate volunteers involved in this conference create a more wonderful experience each year for those who attend. Since its inception, I have heard the same refrain every single year from registrants– “THIS WAS THE BEST YEAR EVER!”

Make sure you’re there in 2014 for “…THE BEST YEAR EVER!”

Though I am not involved in the organization this year, I’ve a feeling the website will soon be blossoming forth with next year’s details. So visit them now and bookmark the site, so you can be kept abreast of any announcements!

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