Beauty is in the Sky of the Beholder

With all my recent whining about not being in the mood to write, I always knew I was merely in a percolation stage. You just kind of refuse to see that when the fingers aren’t moving over the keyboard. I’m happy to report that it’s beginning to happen. A writer can feel the burgeoning…it’s like a tsunami approaching. But not a horrendous destructive tsunami…a beautiful and powerful one. The kind that gives you strength. I can see my tsunami in the near distance. The winds of it have hit and allowed me to find a novel title (which is ALWAYS how I begin a project) and begin mind-mapping ideas.

I have the title of my next novel project—BEAUTY IS IN THE SKY OF THE BEHOLDER. And I have a few scribblings in a file. And I have a brain that is busy mind-mapping what is not yet written down. This is the birthing stage. Soon…I will be writing non-stop. I must write non-stop to keep up with the tsunami as it crashing into me. If I don’t write fast enough, the novel will leave when the tsunami drags itself back out into the ocean.

487This will, like the others, be a novel of hope…against all odds. That’s all I’m saying, though.

In every sky, there is beauty. I’m about to set out to prove that. (-:


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By Kevin Craig

Author, Poet, Playwright


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