David Byrne is My Spirit Animal

David Byrne – The Talking Head

It’s true. He is. David Byrne is my spirit animal. Well, at least one of them. It doesn’t matter that all the online quizzes I’ve tried insist on telling me the hawk or the horse are my spirit animals. I know it’s David. As well as, maybe, David Bowie and Sid Vicious. But mostly David Byrne.

I always forget this fact. I can go months without hearing a Talking Heads song. And then, POW! One comes my way and I suddenly feel like everything is RIGHT. The world makes sense and all the chaos falls away.

Whenever I hear SWAMP, I’m unable to move. It hits me in the feels. Right to the soul. “All those beauties in solid motion…” It speaks to me. It also makes me want to write, to get shit done.

And what about Making Flippy Floppy? That’s gold, right there. “They are just people… and I’m not afraid.”

Yes, David Byrne, with his chaotic shaky shaky on stage, and his avant garde-ness, his ability to constantly recreate himself…all these things speak to me. Just one look at his post Talking Heads solo career and anyone can see that he rebirths himself at every turn. As a creative type, I like my heroes to embrace fluidity.


When the WHO video came out, I thought THERE IS NOTHING THIS MAN CAN’T PULL OFF. I just don’t know why he sometimes leaves my mind. Because when the universe turns and he comes back into my orbit, I feel like I’m home. Like I can do anything. If David Byrne can make videos like WHO…I can write a sentence. Right?

Check out his TED talk on how architecture helped music to evolve:

Find your spirit animal. The one person who moves you to strive to be better every time. The person who stops you. The person who motivates you to be a better writer, to write more often, to leave your comfort zone and explore the great beyond. David Byrne does this for me. Now, I just have to remember to have him in my life more often. He’s like a little gift when he appears. I should gift myself more often. (-:

Take me to his River. Drop me in the water…

Enjoy these videos. And if you like what you heard, explore David’s other videos. I’m sure he will speak to you, either in movement or in voice. He has something for everyone to enjoy…

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K T Craig

Author, Poet, Playwright

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