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It’s almost time for the monthly WCDR Roundtable Meeting again. For those who don’t know about it, this is a networking meeting for writers. Perhaps the greatest monthly networking meeting for writers in Ontario, if not Canada, if not the world. I don’t think I’m exaggerating.

In case you’re a writer living in Toronto and you’ve never experienced a WCDR meeting, this blog post is for you. I just wanted to remind Toronto writers that Ajax is a mere ten minutes east of the city. And these meetings are open AND welcoming to everyone. It doesn’t matter where you live. It doesn’t matter where on your writing path you are. ALL ARE WELCOME. And made to feel welcomed. This is a supportive, nurturing community. If you fully embrace that first-time-in-a-new-place-with-people-you-don’t-know fear…you will be rewarded. The WCDR has completely changed my life, and if you give it a chance it can do the same for you.

Some people have joked that we’re a cult, but honestly…we’re not. We just care for one another and want nothing but the best for each other. We are all writers, and we know and understand the lonely path that writing can sometimes be. We celebrate each other at these meetings. And there is always room for more.

A little bit about APRIL’s MEETING:


April 12, 2014 WCDR Roundtable Meeting Speaker Chris Alexander

April 12, 2014 WCDR Roundtable Meeting Speaker Chris Alexander

From the WCDR WEBSITE: About the presentation

Magazine editor, filmmaker, writer and horror film enthusiast Chris Alexander has long used his words as tools to survive, to thrive and most importantly, make entertaining, edifying pop art. In this presentation, Alexander will tell true tales about how he followed his own path – with alternately superlative and exhausting results – to forge a career using a lifelong adoration of strange cinema as the base. In the process, he self-educated himself about business, the creative process and ultimately, the human condition.

Join Alexander as he discusses the importance of finding your “voice” in your writing, in making something personal that is also commercial and in maximizing your time to be as prolific, positive and effective as possible. Buckle in for a lively, practical, passionate and hopefully useful lecture and discussion.


Chris Alexander is a Canadian based, internationally published writer, filmmaker and editor-in-chief of such magazines as FANGORIA, GOREZONE and Full Moon Entertainment’s house magazine, DELIRIUM. As a filmmaker he is the writer, director and composer of the multi-award winning vampire film BLOOD FOR IRINA and its upcoming follow-up/sequel QUEEN OF BLOOD. As a journalist he was a columnist for RUE MORGUE Magazine for 6 years before taking over as Editor-in-chief of iconic NYC based horror periodical FANGORIA in 2009. He has written thousands of feature articles in various publications and periodicals, and is currently at work on his second book, THE TWILIGHT ZONE LEGACY coming in 2014 from Bear Manor Media.



Sounds like yet another not-to-be-missed meeting! Hope to see you there.

WCDR MISSION STATEMENT: The Writers’ Community of Durham Region encourages writers at all levels; offers opportunities for support, education and networking; and promotes the value of writers and writing.

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