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Boy George. For me, the name invokes the early 80s. But me don’t live back there. Nor does the boy. Last night THE Boy played the amazing DANFORTH MUSIC HALL (on the Danforth of all places!) in Toronto, to a full house of extremely diehard fans. And The Boy played!


George took to the stage an hour after the posted time that the concert was to begin, but all was forgiven when he began to sing. Over time, his voice has become even more soulful than it was in the eighties. And, thankfully, there is something the Boy has always had with him…through every musical incarnation. That unmistakable reggae backbeat that he loves so much.


When he sang out “bbrreecom” into the mic last night, I was transported to my teenage bedroom. BAM! I may have screamed out “ONE SELECTION SHOCK ATTACK!” in reply. I may have. I know the…

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