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Young Adult Fiction – The Stars in Our Fault

Is it even a fault to feel forever 18? If my worst fault is that I have never grown up, I’m a very happy camper indeed. I blame young adult fiction. It’s an escape that can place me immediately into my teen years simply by reading.

Remember the old days when you had to be courageous to read teen fiction. I can still remember being in my thirties and reading the teen stuff at home so nobody else would know my preference. I refer to that time as the dark ages. Thankfully, with the advent of digital books comes a greater ability to hide what one is reading. I can now read young adult fiction on the subway, in the street, at Starbucks. It’s liberating!

Wait? I also relaxed the way I feel about YA fiction. Frankly, I don’t give a damn who knows what I’m reading. Life is too short to worry about things like that. I’m a proud YA reader…I celebrate YA whenever I can. Some of my favourite authors are YA writers. John Green, Hannah Moskowitz, Victoria Schwab, David Levithan. I read these authors and it makes me want to be a better writer.


Oh yeah…I’m a YA author too. To thine own self be true. I can’t be ashamed of what I read. I also write it.

Why am I writing about YA fiction like it’s a dirty little secret? I’m sure if you’re a fan of YA you don’t feel this way. What I’ve noticed though, is that some of those who are not fans (few and far between these days) actually have a lot of negative things to say about the market. I recently witnessed a few people making disparaging comments about the fact that THE FAULT IN OUR STARS had a rocking opening weekend at the box office. “An unknown young adult movie!?” Really? Unknown? John Green is perhaps one of the most celebrated authors of our time. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that. Of course, I can also be counted in the league of the Nerdfighter…so maybe my opinion doesn’t count?

John Green is not only writing some of the best young adult fiction on the market. He is also changing the world. And he is getting teens (and adults) into the mindset that they too can change the world. It’s all good. Do I want to hide the fact that I’m reading his book? Hell, no.



There is a lot to love about YA fiction. If it’s a fault to be in love with young adult literature, it’s a fault that is filled with the gloriousness of stars! (-:

If you are looking for something to take in at the movie theatre this weekend, look no further. The Fault in Our Stars was just as incredible on the big screen as it was on the page. Of course I went on opening night! I waited a long time to see a John Green story make it to the big screen. Dear Hollywood: My next wish is to see the incredible LOOKING FOR ALASKA on the big screen. Please make it be so. (-:

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