With Novelistic Intention…

It’s astounding… time is fleeting… madness takes its toll. But listen closely…

Not for very much longer.

I’ve got to keep control…

The Halloween season is nigh. Being an almost lifelong Frank N. Furter fan, I have a hard time equating how Rocky Horror gets lumped into the Hallowe’en season’s festivities. But I’m okay with it. I guess.

THE LOT (Lower Ossington Theatre) in Toronto is having their annual review of the RHPS. The Rocky Horror Halloween Cabaret. As life is a cabaret, this event doesn’t sound too bad at all! Click on the picture below to get your tickets…but do it fast (like now), because they sell out!



You knew it was coming. It was foretold in the title of this post. I just constantly have the Rocky Horror show in my head these days. Thought I would share the good news about the Cabaret. Toronto needs more Rocky.

On to novels. Last week I extended an invitation for book bloggers and lovers to join my street team. I’ve been getting a great response. I’d like to thank those who offered to join and let others know that it’s never too late. (-:

Street Team members will have an opportunity to read BURN BABY BURN BABY before its release. They will be encouraged to help spread the word, host release day events on their blogs, etc.

I’ve been working hard at completing novels that I have had in the works for a while now. Currently, I’m plugging away at THAT’S ME IN THE CORNER, ALIVE & KICKING and THE BOOK OF YOUR DREAMS. All are young adult. All are near completion. A word of advice, if you are a new writer. Do yourself a favour and finish a project before you start a new one. (-:

The Rocky Horror tie in? The life of a novelist, of course. How can it be summed up? As Magenta once said,

It’s so dreamy, oh fantasy free me. So you can’t see me, no, not at all. In another dimension, with voyeuristic intention, well secluded, I see all.

We must see all, yet not be seen. We must not be found on the page, but we must be fully in it. Novelists are SUCH voyeurs.

So today, I move forward with novelistic intention. I am the little engine that could today. I think I can finish these novels. I think I can, I think I can…

Don't forget to pick up a copy of the Burn! Click this cover to be taken directly to Amazon for pre-ordering!
Don’t forget to pick up a copy of the Burn! Click this cover to be taken directly to Amazon for pre-ordering!

With a bit of a mind flip, you’re into the time slip. And nothing can ever be the same…

Walk the Walk – When Writers Don’t Write

I’m always miffed when a writer happens to mention that they don’t read. What?! What does that even mean? How can one take advantage of that great and powerful learning tool one gets from those who came before them, if they don’t pay attention to those who came before them? I don’t care who you are, you will be a better writer if you actually READ. This is WRITING101, folks.

Although I love writing novels, I’m actually pretty passionate about writing plays too. I’m not going to write plays without attending plays. I always talk about my dislike of the scaffolding of the world. I don’t want to see the surly little man behind the curtain. I want the benefit of kites…without the necessity of string. (I know. I’m speaking in tongues again, aren’t I? Sorry. I will attempt to make sense.) What I’m trying to say is I want to see the magic on the stage and on the page. But I want a flawless curtain between that magic and the mechanics that it took the writer to get to that stage. I don’t want to care about the process. I want to be post-process where I can just sit and enjoy the thing. The thing is the thing, after all. Yes. A play needs a playwright, actors, a director, set painters, wardrobe. It needs SO much to go from the first words the writer pens to the closing curtain at the end of the show.

I feel that if I invest the time it takes to go to a play, to sit in the audience and watch a performance…I will be learning all the steps I’m not taking in. Just by being there. Just by seeing the final product. I will intuit all the scaffolding. I will walk away from every performance having learned how to be a better playwright.

This is also true of the experience I take away from reading each and every novel I read. The process of taking in the story is a necessary process to making me a better writer. We (WRITERS) learn from one another. To think we can go through life in a bubble of solitude and still be a great writer is such a weak and erroneous concept. Don’t. Just don’t. If you want to be a writer, read. If you want to be a playwright, attend theatre. Hell…this is true of almost everything. If you want to be a musician, be a voracious appreciator of music. If you want to be a painter, go to museums…stand in front of a great work of art and stare at it until it no longer makes sense. Stare at it until the colours bleed from the canvas and all you see are dots and brushstrokes and nonsense.

Whatever your passion, you will be better at expressing it if you first (and always) immerse yourself in the works of those in your field who came before you. Always remember to learn from others. A vacuum is not a great place for a writer to exist within. Number one, they will think they’re good when they’re not. Number two, they will never grow. Number three, just…what’s the point? How can one be passionate about some art-form, or what-have-you, if they don’t even appreciate the works of others from that discipline? If you’re a writer who does not read, question your motives. You’re doing it wrong.

When not writing, explore. If your goal is to write novels, read novels. If your goal is to write plays, attend live community theatre. If your goal is to write screenplays, watch movies. This is not a new concept, just something that comes up every time I hear a writer saying they don’t read. For me, that’s almost an impossibility. I write BECAUSE I read. It’s because of my love of writing that I want to be a part of this great and marvelous thing. The arts are propelled by tradition. We see, we appreciate, we emulate. It’s the way the wheels turn. Don’t be a square wheel.

I leave you with Jane Siberry’s SYMMETRY…because it’s the way things have to be…

In case you haven’t heard, my 4th novel BURN BABY BURN BABY is now available for pre-order on Amazon! (-:


Don’t Dance, Don’t Laugh, Don’t Talk, Don’t Walk, Don’t Sing, Don’t Smile

Don’t. Can’t. Won’t. Shouldn’t. Wouldn’t. Won’t. No. No-no.

That’s a lot of negativity. And yet, such a vast majority of us welcome that kind of negativity into our lives.

I’m ready to say NO to negativity. I worried for far too long about what other people think. DANCE LIKE NOBODY’S WATCHING. A lot of people say it, but who actually lives by this motto. Joy is found in that space where you actually live it, let go and allow yourself to have fun. I suggest you take that first step today. Now.

On Sunday, while watching the Disney World Festival of Fantasy Parade swing past me, Baloo (from The Jungle Book) came into the audience, grabbed my hand and swept me up into the parade. And…we danced.

Even a few months ago, I would NOT have done that. I would have pushed him away, hid behind people so he wouldn’t even have an opportunity to get near me. I always thought about how other saw me…always felt slightly ashamed of casting a shadow.

So, in front of hundreds (no thousands) of people, I danced with Baloo. And it was good. We danced along the court at the end of Main Street, USA, in front of Cinderella’s castle. I’ve never been twirled by a bear before! I never would have let myself have that much fun until now. (-:

Free yourself. Sing on the subway. Dance along the sidewalk. Wear that hat you love but are terrified of people mocking. Wear those Mickey Mouse ears. Be a kid. Shed the shame. You know, it’s perfectly fine to let your inner child wander free. Let your freak flag fly!

freakLife is too short to hold back. When you hold yourself back, you’re only hurting yourself.

Oh, I also met one of my biggest writing inspiration’s biggest characters last week. Dr. Seuss is wonderfully represented in Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando. If you get a chance to visit, look for SEUSS LANDING! You’ll love it! I even rode the caroSeussel!

A Magical Moment in the Life of a Writer!
A Magical Moment in the Life of a Writer!

Cover Reveal! BURN BABY BURN BABY Now Has a Cover!

My new publisher, CURIOSITY QUILLS PRESS, have outdone themselves! Cover artist Eugene Teplitsky has come up with the most perfect cover for my upcoming novel, BURN BABY BURN BABY! I absolutely love it.

TITLE: Burn Baby Burn Baby, by Kevin Craig

GENRE: Contemporary, Young-Adult

PUBLISHER: Curiosity Quills Press

DATE OF RELEASE: December 11, 2014

Cover Artist: Eugene Teplitsky

Without further ado, here’s the cover:

Burn Baby Burn 1000It doesn’t hit bookstores until DECEMBER 11th, but the great news is YOU CAN ORDER BURN BABY BURN BABY TODAY! It’s on PRE-ORDER at Amazon! If you pre-order now, it will magically appear on your Amazon Kindle devices on the morning of December 11th…ready for you to read on release day!


A HUGE thank you to Eugene for capturing Burn Baby so perfectly! I LOVE this cover! And thanks to Curiosity Press and my wonder agent, Stacey Donaghy, too! (-:

TODAY I’m going to ask you, my readers, if you could please share this cover on social media. I’d love to get the word out there! Thanks in advance.

Click this Kindle cover to go directly to Amazon to Pre-Order your copy of Burn Baby Burn Baby!
Click this Kindle cover to go directly to Amazon to Pre-Order your copy of Burn Baby Burn Baby!