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Camino Guide Extraordinaire SUE KENNEY!


This is what JOY looks like on the Camino de Santiago. Sue Kenney – Captain, my captain!

I don’t do this often here, but when I experience something life-changing I like to share the experience and recommend it to others. If you have ever read this blog, you’ll know that I walked a portion of the Camino de Santiago back in May of 2014. (SEE THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST FOR A BLACK FRIDAY REGISTRATION SALE FOR THE MAY 2017 CAMINO GUIDED TOUR BY SUE.)

I did my Camino journey with the incomparable Sue Kenney, Camino Guide Extraordinaire. What makes my experience with Sue’s twice yearly Camino guided tour somewhat unique is that I didn’t go into the journey blind. I didn’t find Sue’s tour on the internet and take a chance. I already knew Sue…from writing novel marathons with her. I knew her in her capacity as a writer. She was already a friend when I signed up for her guided Camino de Santiago walk.

I also knew that Sue was a world leading Camino expert. She had walked the Camino several times. She had also written a best selling book about her journey. She is known around the world as CAMINO SUE.

Let’s go back to May 2014 for a moment. I booked my Camino adventure months prior and I was feeling extremely electric about what I was about to experience. It was a transitional moment in my life. I was walking the Camino for change and for empowerment and for discovery. Ever since I had met Sue back in the early 2000s she had sparked a flame in my heart for the Camino. It is said that we all come to the Camino for different reasons, and that once we learn of it and choose to WANT to walk it…it remains a part of your life until you undertake the journey. It waits for you. It knows it will one day see you. The Camino chooses you, much like the puppy you choose at the kennel/breeder in actual fact chooses you. The Camino comes into your life and refuses to leave until you fulfill your promise to walk it.

I arrived in Spain (Madrid) with a fire in my belly and a backpack. Before the journey began, there was the gathering of strangers. Seven of us walked with Sue. There was Nicholas, Danielle, Julia, Connie, Tanya, Claudette, myself and Sue. Eight Musketeers. Connie was our official photographer. Sue was our captain, our guide, our spirit. The others, like me, had signed up for the guided adventure…not quite ready to take on such a large endeavor on our own.


Nicholas, Danielle, Julia, Tanya, Claudette, Connie, Kevin – Sue Kenney’s May 2014 Camino Group.

From day one, it was an amazing experience. What Sue does as a guide is remove 100% of the worry. She had every albergue (hostel) booked in advance, she knew how many miles we would walk each day, she lined up meals, she did it all. Our mission, and we did decide to accept it, was merely to WALK. All we had to do was show up and walk. Sue did literally everything else.

What makes Sue the greatest guide is that she knows every nook and cranny of the walk. And not only does she know it, but it knows her. Her vibrant spirit makes her so approachable and memorable. Everywhere we went–every little town along the way–we were greeted with excitement. Because everyone everywhere along the Camino KNOWS Sue. She was on a walking adventure seeing old friends in every town…we were around for the warmth that greeted her. We had special experiences along the way that came with arriving in certain towns with THE SUE KENNEY. We danced. We toasted. We celebrated. We pontificated. We broke bread with wonderful beings on amazing journeys. We saw the Camino in such a unique and profound way…almost as natives, insiders. Sue gave us the experience like nobody else could have. She opened up the Camino to us in a way that made each of us feel at home on the path, like we were visiting relatives.

If you dream of exploring the Camino de Santiago, but you’re not quite ready to do the whole thing, or you’re not quite ready to take on the experience alone…there is only ONE WAY to WALK THE WAY…that’s with guide extraordinaire Sue Kenney. She will give you the inside track on this mystical journey like nobody else can.

And this weekend you can register for her MAY 2017 WALK at a deeply discounted rate. Here’s a blurb she put out today for the Black Friday SALE:

Our next Camino walk is getting booked for May 2017. This weekend we have a BLACK FRIDAY SALE. Book by Sunday November 27 and get up to $900.00 OFF!!! Our best deal ever. Walk for 6 days or 10 days. You don’t have to carry your backpack, we have a service for that. All details are sorted for you. It will be my 19th Camino. Sue will be talking about the next Camino walk on Facebook Live My Camino Book at 11:00 AM today (FRIDAY NOVEMBER 25th, 2016). If you miss it just go to the page and find the post to watch it.

If ever you dreamed of taking THE WALK…do yourself a favour. Take it with Sue. It’s not the full Camino, but it’s an abundantly FULL Camino. I promise you that. Sue will remove all obstacles and give you the sweetest Camino journey you could ever imagine. Take the journey for yourself…you will cherish it forever.

For full details, visit SUE’S SITE HERE.