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This is the 10th anniversary for my blog. I’ve been writing about everything and nothing on this blog for 10 full years. My life has taken so many twists and turns in those ten years that I am fairly unrecognizable as the person who began this blogging journey. But I am also the same person. I’m thrilled to have the number of readers I have. Just to know that there are people reading the sometimes deep, sometimes meaningless, sometimes perplexing, sometimes angry, sometimes pointless, sometimes prophetic, sometimes silly, sometimes poignant words I write is enough for me. I’m grateful for you, wherever you are in the world and however you arrived here. I write my words for you…


From Canada to United States to France to Ireland to India to Japan to Malaysia, THANK YOU for stopping by!


From Indonesia to Denmark to Greece to Belgium to Colombia, THANK YOU!


THANK YOU Serbia, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Austria, China, Ghana, Finland, and all places in between!


Thanks to you, Lithuania, Lebanon, Panama, Kuwait, Qatar, Jamaica, and all the rest!


Thank you, Cambodia, Syria, Costa Rica, Guyana, Brunei, Bosnia, Sri Lanka! Thank you all, and all the rest!


Thanks to Mongolia, Mauritius, Latvia, El Salvador, Samoa, Belize, Greenland, and others!


Thank you for stopping by, Libya, Bermuda, Angola, Azerbaijan, Monaco and Senegal. Thank you all…every last one of you!

I hope I brightened your day or gave you pause to ponder. I hope you found what you were looking for here. I hope to write for another ten and another ten and another and more. Hope to see you soon!