Allucinor: The Element of Romance Anthology has a Cover!

I think I’ll let ID PRESS PUBLISHING tell you what they’re all about. They do it best:


So, basically, they like to play with genres…and elicit story from those who do not always feel comfortable or at home in the genre being explored. The upcoming ALLUCINOR anthology (the second anthology from ID PRESS) is all about ROMANCE. And, yes, I have a short story in this antho. I’m very proud to have a story in this book. Why? Because it was hella hard to write it. I kept giving up and returning to the drawing board, actually. Then, at the 11th hour, I said, “ENOUGH!” I knew if I wanted a story in this book, I needed to step completely outside my comfort zone…but also NOT THINK ABOUT WHAT I WAS DOING. I kept thinking, ‘I can’t write romance, I can’t write romance” without even thinking about the goal. It was a block for me. So just before figurative (and almost literal) midnight on the submission date, I let all the baggage of genre slip away and I got down to writing. I’m so happy I persevered. Today, as I look at the beautiful cover for this anthology, I’m so pleased to be a small part of it.

At the Book Launch for the first ID PRESS anthology PURGATORIUM. From Left-Right(ISH): Amanda Tompkins, Mel Cober, MYSELF, Dale Long, Pat Flewwelling, Yvonne Hess, Connie De Pietro, Samantha Banik, Tobin Elliott,

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These are the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse…er…I mean…the four people behind ID PRESS: Pat, Connie, Dale, and Tobin. I will need to get a new photo of them. This one was for the PURGATORIUM Horror Anthology. Something about LOVE and HEARTS…coming soon!

Now, without further ado, the ALLUCINOR cover!


ID PRESS will be present at BOOKAPALOOZA this coming NOVEMBER 25th (FYI—I will also be there, taking part in the Young Adult Panel Discussion).



The submission guidelines for ANTHOLOGY 3 from ID PRESS is up. The anthology will be: Nefariam: The Element of Crime


In the upcoming days/weeks, I will be interviewing the contributors to ALLUCINOR, just as I did with the PURGATORIUM contributors. Stay tuned for those interviews.

The Sky Was Dull And Hypothetical…

Even the stars will cry tonight.

People who make you feel so good and alive and happy and grateful should just get a free ticket to the end of the ride…to old age and dotage and shiny happy moments in the sunset with the approaching midnight sky softly revealing the constellations to them–and only them–one star at a time. It’s not fair.

RIP GORD DOWNIE, Poet, Singer, Activist, Human, Hero, Father, Husband.

Today, Canada and the world is a darker place. Thank you for using your voice for good, Gord. You left the world a better place.

“By now he could be anywhere
And after all that training
And after all that training
Was something we could no longer contain”



I Won’t Tell Ya What the Poets are Doin’

I won’t tell ya
what the poets are doin’,
Gordo, ‘cause I wouldn’t know
just how to articulate it
if I tried. Insurmountable little mountains,
they are, windows into the souls
and all that jazzy jazz.
I won’t tell ya
what words they’re usin’,
wouldn’t matter to you if I did.
I can tell ya, though, Gordo,
that they ain’t much into
talkin’ ‘bout they growlin’ daddies,
those sleepin’ bears be understood
in whispers, Gordo. Suffice it to say,
suffice it to say, they got the whole
entire universe
wrapped up in there in their little minds.
I won’t tell ya
what the poets aren’t sharin’,
Gordo, those hyperbolic minds
get twisted
up inside their own importance,
they shittin’ out the day’s new weather,
take it, Gordo baby, as you can.
don’t wanna tell ya
what the poets are doin’,
makin’ music
at the river Ganges
isn’t first and foremost on their minds.
I’ll slip this little note
in hyper, slip it up here out in hyperspace,
I’ll listen, Gordo, for your answer,
surfin’ somewhere out in the constellations,
I know you’ll get it when you fall back into
the sleep they tried to take
away last time you beckoned.
don’t let them shoot you down
in silence, Gordo, make your words
explode with hemispheric wonder,
and in return, Gordo, I won’t tell ya
what the poets’ been doin’.


When You Finish a Novel that Consumed You

There’s nothing like typing THE END at the bottom of your MSWord document. It is a distinct kind of joy and sorrow to do so. On the one hand, there is a great sense of accomplishment. On the other, you are sadly saying goodbye to great friends. It is the hug that wounds, the kiss that burns, the cut that feels so good.

After living inside the Camino de Santiago for the past month, retracing my own steps for the sake of my characters, I am exhausted-spent-exhilarated-lonely-happy-thrilled-gutted-euphoric-elated-dejected-emotional and fragile and infinite and empowered. And a few other emotions thrown in for good measure.

If you’re a novelist, you know the feeling.

My young adult novel The Walk–or The Camino Club (I cannot decide)–has been put to bed. It will be what it will be. I need to strike that pilgrimage place from my list of obsessions for a spell. The Camino itself fully consumed me while writing that novel. From watching the movie THE WAY on repeat, to listening to the same movie’s soundtrack on repeat, to reliving my own Camino experience through memories and photographs…I swear I feel like I just got back from Santiago de Compostela today. So powerful was the spell it has had on me these past weeks.

Goodbye Santiago de Compostela. I love you so much. And I love the characters I created to walk the path towards you too. Goodbye Diego, Shania, Manny, Troy, Greg, Claire, Meagan, Gilbert, Kei, Mia, Becky, AND Bastien. Buen Camino!

But there is nothing to do after finishing a novel, but to jump into the next one. Whether that be returning to a work in progress or starting something new. To dally would be to get out of the habit. So, onward. Back to the novel I began in Brussels this past May. It needs to be completed. Today, I turn the page from Spain and open a new one on Brussels. I swear, these settings are consuming me just as much as these characters.

Time to revisit Brussels, one of the few settings for my current young adult WIP. This is me in Grand Place, the beautiful square in the heart of Brussels, just two minutes from where I stayed this past May.
My upcoming release PRIDE MUST BE A PLACE is now on GOODREADS. Click the image above to swing on over to GOODREADS and add #PMBAP to your shelf! It drops February 6th, 2018.