WCDR, Writers Community of Durham Region

2018 WCDR Grants and Scholarships

Each year around this time the Writers’ Community of Durham Region has a call for its members to apply for writing grants and scholarships. Until last year, I always thought, ‘let someone else have it.’ Last year, though, I thought to myself, ‘I’m going away. I’m going away TO WRITE. So, why not? Why not me?’

So, I applied.

Earlier in the year I had this romantic notion of returning to Europe to begin work on a new novel. I sort of closed my eyes and pointed my finger at a map of Europe and landed on Belgium. By the time the WCDR Grants & Scholarships announcement came out, I had already booked a water-closet of a hotel room in the very heart of Brussels for a week. When the call came out, I jumped at the opportunity—NOT for the money, but for the support. There’s a big difference between those two things. I wanted a scholarship because it would be like the WCDR (an organization I love to my very tip-toes) was saying, “WE BELIEVE IN YOU! GO…WRITE!”

If you’re a WCDR member, don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Imagine yourself investing in your own writing life—put yourself in a workshop, at a writing conference, on a deserted island somewhere with the soul purpose of writing. And then believe in yourself enough to reach out to your writing group for validation. APPLY FOR THE GRANTS AND SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE TO YOU!

I found the best part of receiving a grant was the way it felt like a permission slip to get on that plane and disappear into the streets of Brussels with my laptop TO WRITE. I swear, I worked harder knowing the honor was bestowed upon me by my fellow WCDR peeps.

Click on the WCDR image below to go to the Grants & Scholarships page of the website. Yes…you’ll have to send in a writing sample. Yes, you’ll have to fill out an application. Yes, it’ll take some time. You’re looking for WRITER VALIDATION. They are looking for a reason to validate you. It’s a process…and it’s worth the time it will take you to follow it properly. Just make sure you follow the guidelines to a tee.

cropped-New-logo-and-type-for-WCDR-at-approx-1150-1024x325.jpgThe WCDR is there for US. Don’t forget that. It’s the members who make it the nurturing organization it has grown into. Take advantage of the great opportunities the WCDR puts into our writing community. I did…and it was INCREDIBLE!

The Grand-Place, Brussels. I stayed in a tiny hotel just two minutes from the heart of the gorgeous city of Brussels. Two minutes from this spectacular place. And I wrote! The WCDR validated my self-made retreat by awarding me a writing grant. They will do the same for you. Just ask. Fill out your 2018 WCDR Grants & Scholarships application today!


PS: It’s NOT TOO LATE to pre-order Pride Must Be A Place. It releases Feb 6th! (FYI-I worked on it in Brussels)

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