Getting it Right the 2nd Time Around – Half Dead & Fully Broken, the Re-Release

Time to admit that I made some grave errors while writing my novel Half Dead & Fully Broken. I couldn’t even see at the time that I crossed a line. Anyway, re-releasing a novel after leaving a publisher behind… is a great opportunity to fix issues with that novel. Half Dead is now available for pre-order on Amazon. This one is getting an overhaul prior to its release, right or wrong. The story is about Carter and Marcus Colby, twins who are in a motorcycle accident. Only Carter survives, but the ghost of Marcus is featured throughout the story. The relationship between Carter and Marcus’s girlfriend, so soon after Marcus’s death, did NOT sit well with some readers. Frankly, it didn’t really sit well with me, either. The thing about rebirths is you can do it right the second time around…at least as far as it pertains to novels and updated editions. So, be forewarned…the second edition of Half Dead & Fully Broken will contain less EW. It will also be greatly updated as far as technology is concerned. (-:

The new and improved HALF DEAD lands in your Kindle on FEBRUARY 21st, 2019. See the pre-order links below the cover…


Pre-Order Half Dead & Fully Broken on Amazon USA today!

Pre-Order Half Dead & Fully Broken on Amazon Canada today!

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K T Craig

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