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Walking Away From Hate – Jeanette and Lauren Manning

Today I wanted to shine a spotlight on an upcoming book release! Jeanette Manning is a fellow member of the incredible writing community I’m fortunate enough to be a part of…the (WCDR) Writers’ Community of Durham Region.

The book buzz?

Walking Away from Hate: Our Journey through Extremism by Jeanette & Lauren Manning


How an ordinary family fell into the dark world of white supremacy, and how love ultimately triumphed over hate

RELEASE DATE: May 15th, 2021


As a troubled teen, Lauren Manning sought refuge online in the angry world of black metal music. When she met a recruiter who offered her the acceptance she craved, the doctrine of white supremacy supplanted the values of her middle-class upbringing, and Lauren traded suburbia for a life of violence and criminality on the streets of Toronto. Told from the perspective of both mother and daughter, Walking Away from Hate chronicles Lauren’s descent into extremism, her life within the movement and her ultimate reconnection with the family she once denounced and the mother who refused to give up on her.


Lauren & Jeanette Manning

Jeanette Manning is active in the Writer’s Community of Durham Region, the recipient of a 2019 Writescape Scholarship and a volunteer with Life After Hate, a non-profit dedicated to helping people escape extremism. After a difficult period of self-deradicalization, Lauren Manning works in the construction industry and as an outreach specialist with Life After Hate. She welcomes opportunities to share her story. Both mother and daughter live in Whitby, Ontario.

You can preorder WALKING AWAY FROM HATE now!

Indigo Chapters | Amazon Canada | More buy link options to follow

Jeanette & Lauren also have a Facebook page for their book: WALKING AWAY FROM HATE ON FACEBOOK

Look for more about Jeanette and Lauren in the near future, including a cover reveal and interview! In the meantime, be sure to preorder your copy of WALKING AWAY FROM HATE. Coming to bookstores May, 2021!

To learn more about Jeanette and Lauren’s experiences, you can head over to LIFE AFTER HATE for this interview: My daughter was a white supremacist. This is how we survived.

Both Jeanette and Lauren are active volunteers in the Life After Hate organization.

By Kevin Craig

Author, Poet, Playwright

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