Book of Dreams Now on Edelweiss…

I know you’re humming that song now. Don’t lie.

Ev’ry morning you greet me
Small and White
Clean and bright
You look happy to meet me…

Well, if you weren’t already… you probably are now. That’s where my brain goes, anyway.

But, to the point! My upcoming novel, BOOK OF DREAMS, is now on Edelweiss!

This title releases SEPTEMBER 13th, 2022…from Duet Books, the LGBTQ Young Adult imprint of Chicago Review Press!

I’m not quite sure what the difference between Edelweiss and NetGalley is, but I believe that Edelweiss (“Edelweiss is the book industry’s platform to market, sell, discover, and order new titles.”) is more directed at book buyers and librarians, etc… whereas NetGalley (“We help readers of influence discover and recommend new books to their audiences. If you are a librarian, bookseller, educator, reviewer, blogger or in the media, get started right now by signing in or joining for free.”) is more for reviewers. I think one is more publishing industry geared and the other is more reader geared. Either way, they’re both great first responders for the publishing industry! And my new novel is available to request at Edelweiss.

A moment to be real—

I have never been more nervous about a book’s reception as I am about the reception of this upcoming book. I love the genres present in Book of Dreams. But I’m also highly aware of its inability to be categorized as being only in one genre. It’s a little horror, a little fantasy, a lot contemporary. It’s a mish-mash I was happy to write, but a little nervous to show to the world. The jury is soon to be out, so I am now waiting with bated breath… hoping my intent with this story lands the way I intended for it to land. Don’t get me wrong, I love it! I just hope others enjoy it. It’s kind of like dressing your baby for the first day in a new school, and hoping like hell they don’t get pushed around and kicked around once they leave your protective embrace.

My baby has taken its first step into the great beyond.

Gaige’s curiosity gets the better of him when he discovers a bookstore on an abandoned street where no bookstore should be. He steps inside and is immediately enthralled by its antiquarian sights and smells. But one book in particular calls to him. It isn’t long before he gets a bad feeling about it, but it’s already too late. The store’s aged bookseller gives him no alternative: once he touches the book, it’s his—whether he wants it or not. It’s bought and paid for and there are no returns. The book leads Gaige on a horrific descent into the unknown. As he falls into the depths of its pages, he loses blocks of time, and his friends become trapped inside ancient cellars with seemingly no means of escape. Gaige soon learns that the ancient bookseller is a notorious serial killer from previous century, and fears that he has fallen into a predicament from which he may not escape. When all seems lost, he finds the one person he can turn to for help—Mael, a sweet teen also trapped inside the book who didn’t fall for the bookseller’s tricks. Together, they race against time to protect Gaige from joining a long string of boys who vanished without a trace inside the Book of Dreams.

So, if you’re on Edelweiss…now’s the time to request Book of Dreams!


I’ll leave you with a certain song, just in case it hasn’t become an ear-worm for you yet…why should I be the only one?!

I do hope you’re happy to meet my book!

By Kevin Craig

Author, Poet, Playwright. Author of The Camino Club, Billions of Beautiful Hearts, and Book of Dreams, all from Duet Books, the LGBTQ Young Adult imprint of Chicago Review Press. Other books: Pride Must Be A Place, Half Dead & Fully Broken, Burn Baby Burn Baby, The Reasons, Sebastian's Poet, and Summer on Fire.

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