MaleSurvivor Fundraiser Ends Tonight!



The fundraiser to raise funds for the Male Survivor Weekend of Recovery Scholarship Fund wraps up at Midnight Ontario time tonight. How can y0u help? Buy any of my three books from any bookseller anywhere and 100% of the royalties from the sale of those books is going to go directly to the scholarship fund. Male Survivor awards scholarships to those men looking to attend their Weekend of Recovery retreat program who were victims of childhood/adult sexual abuse and in need of financial assistance.

If you do not wish to purchase any of my books, please consider making a direct donation to Male Survivor through their website.



Here’s the original post I made on my blog regarding the fundraiser which includes a link to my NOVELS page for quick access to online purchasing of my books.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you will see that I try to do this every few months or so…so if you miss this fundraiser, I will have another one sometime in the future.


For those of you who have made purchases inside the fundraiser window, thank you so much. Know that your money is going to an extremely worthy cause. This program saves lives. It transforms lives. I have been to two of these weekends and they have drastically shaped my own recovery process, so I know firsthand the power of these weekends. They are a crucial step. THANK YOU!

Toronto (GTA) Help for Male Child Sexual Abuse Victims

Today, I would like to do something different. Please be patient while I use this forum for an important public service announcement.

Even as more and more men are coming forward about their experiences with childhood sexual abuse, even as the media is flooded with more and more horrifying stories of CSA and the perpetrators of these crimes, it is still ever difficult for men to find help.

In the TORONTO (GTA) area, there is help in the form of an amazing woman who does tireless work with (and for) male CSA victims. Lynne MacDonell is a member in good standing with the Ontario Association of Counsellors, Consultants, Psychotherapists and Psycometrists. She is also a member of the award winning team of Lynne runs two groups (TIME FOR MEN) for male survivors of childhood sexual abuse. The groups cover such topics as trauma issues, safety and healthy & unhealthy coping strategies.

Lynne MacDonell’s office is located on Bloore West inToronto (and she can be contacted here through her site), just steps from the Jane subway line.

If you are living in Toronto—or anywhere in the GTA—and you are suffering alone, you need to know that you are NOT alone. AND it’s not your fault. Help is out there. If you’ve been seeking that help, you need look no further. Just follow the link below (CLICK ON THE INUKSHUK) to be taken to Lynne’s website. You will find a CONTACT ME link at the top of her homepage.

 There are many resources to be found on Lynne’s site. Her web address is (That’s an L and an M, not I’m) You will find answers to frequently asked questions, crisis line information, etc.

If you’re struggling and looking for support, call or email Lynne today. It’s time to start your healing journey.

(Updated to include Lynne’s Twitter account: @lynneintoronto

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