Praise for Kevin’s Books



Here’s what readers are saying about BURN BABY BURN BABY!

“The characters are perfect this author knows how to write characters that are realistic yet likable! You will quickly fall for Frances the main guy of the story. The entire cast was great! I used Cast cause it played out like a TV show in my head when I read it” ~ From the Review at TMBA CORBETT WRITES

“The characters that Kevin has created are great. I love the plot. It has great twists and turns. Readers will keep turning the page. It will draw you into the story from the first page. Readers who love YA will love this one.” ~ From the Review at A CREATIVE MIND

“I read this book in one evening, while sitting in my rocking chair, wrapped in a fleecy blanket, chewing on my fingernails (especially during the last seven chapters or so). Actually, I believe this is the ONLY book I’ve read during 2014 (out of 83 books so far), that I have stayed up past my bedtime to finish reading it. It was that good.” ~ From the Review at LORI TWINING – WRITER

“I love walking through the plot alongside the characters I’m reading about and, in Burn Baby Burn, Craig has written the plot in such a way that you are able to fully immerse yourself in the story and forget about reality for a little while.” ~ From the Review at JENNIFER GREENLEAF

“It is beautifully written and the characters are so real. I love when the author makes me feel something for the characters, otherwise its just empty reading. Well congratulations to Mr. Craig, because I definitely felt something for these characters, especially the main character Francis.” ~ From the Review at SHELF LIFE

“There is nothing more to say than READ IT. READ IT NOW PLEASE YOU’LL LOVE IT. Anyway, Burn Baby, Burn Baby is a stellar book! ~ From the Review at HER BOOK THOUGHTS


Pick up a copy at Amazon today. Just click the cover!


Here’s what readers are saying about HALF DEAD & FULLY BROKEN!

I found this novel to be a great story about love, friendship, brotherhood, and family life. This Young Adult book gets to the depth of your soul in a very short time. It makes you think about serious emotional issues, such as death, the afterlife, divorce, mental health issues and a few others, I don’t want to mention, or I’ll ruin the story for you. It’s a fast read, I read my copy of the book in two nights. I should have called in sick, so I could finish reading it in one day. Next time. See FULL REVIEW HERE

 “Heart wrenching, heartbreaking, ultimately hopeful, don’t miss HALF DEAD & FULLY BROKEN.”

“I love it when you start a book, not knowing what to expect from it and you end up loving it! Half Dead & Fully Broken was a bit strange in some ways, but it was also very heartbreaking and sweet at the same time. Very weird. Half Dead & Fully Broken is heartbreaking, bittersweet and kind of wonderfully weird at times. I definitely want to read the sequel! Recommended to readers who love to torture themselves with a tearjerker that has a paranormal twist.” READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE.


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Here’s what readers are saying about SUMMER ON FIRE!


“The underlying themes and meaning to the story were beautiful. A whole town is made a better place but more importantly Zach, Jeff, and Arnie become better people by the end of Summer On Fire. They were there for each other during the hardest times and they grew up a TON.” ~ Katelyn Torrey

For Katelyn’s full review, visit KATE’S TALES OF BOOKS AND BANDS


A Review by H. M. Prevost, Author: “Summer on Fire reminded me of a Stephen King novel in terms of the depth of characterization.  The three boys are well-rounded, with strengths as well as flaws, and those flaws are described in harsh detail.” “If you want to read a coming of age story that explores the themes of friendship, betrayal and redemption, try Summer on Fire.”   The Full Review: SUMMER ON FIRE – Kevin Craig



“I think what I loved most about this book was the tone. It was very reminiscent of Stand by Me. It had that coming-of-age-with-your-buds kinda feel to it. Throw in the whole trying to figure out what really happened with the fire angle and you have the perfect YA mystery read.” ~ From a book review at the blog LAVENDER LINES




“The book is beautifully crafted and well written, with several memorable characters, distinctive speech patterns, and fascinating local idiom.” ~ JJ Toner



“SUMMER ON FIRE reminds me of a more innocent (and not so innocent) time when life seemed simpler and less complicated, and boys were boys. It smacks of Stand By Me and The Outsiders. You’ll be glad you read this book. I highly recommend it!” ~ G. Donald Cribbs

Cribbs’s full review of Summer on Fire on Goodreads


“Craig’s dialogue rings true. His ability to put his mind back to being an irreverent 15-year old boy, sharing the humour and sarcasm, frustration, fear and false bravado that young boys feel is believable. Through his characters we dread the bullies, laugh at the ridiculous, empathize with parents and root for the good guys. I highly recommend Summer On Fire” ~ Mary McIntyre

“The writing in this book was so mature and polished that I wished that it could have gone on forever. Some phrases and descriptions in this book were the type that I reread and said out loud and highlighted because I wished that I could savor them. They felt so good to say (and read!)” ~ Grace @ WordsLikeSilver Book Blog

Read the full review here: Summer on Fire by Kevin Craig at WordsLikeSilver


“A coming of age story that makes ‘Stand By Me’ just seem like a nice song.” ~ Andrew Buckley

The full review by Andrew Buckley can be read here: SUMMER ON FIRE REVIEW

Visit Andrew’s site


 5/5 stars

“I recommend this book to everyone, adults and teens. There’s so much mystery and many twists you won’t be able to put it down! I loved this book.” – Tristan at For The Love Of Books

Summer on Fire Review at FOR THE LOVE OF BOOKS


“Summer on Fire by Kevin Craig was a strong coming-of-age tale, with characters I connected to from the very first paragraph. I loved the voice of Zach, both as an adult looking back on his life and as a young man while the adventure was unfolding. I ached with him as he weathered the tugs from all directions: loyalty to his friends, living up to the moral code he was taught, and being true to himself. The dialogue was real–so real I could hear the boys’ raucous calls, their moments of vulnerability and their awe at their experiences in the tone of their voices.

The storyline was engaging and rolled along smoothly and at a fast clip. Nothing was given away too soon–or too late. Kevin plays at language expertly–one moment evoking a sweet and tender scene, the next a macho and brutal one.

This novel is perfect for adolescent boys and girls, but it was also the perfect read for those of us who’ve been there and remember the soaring joys and kicks in the gut that this time of life brings. I can’t wait to read the next book from this author.” ~ Sherry Hinman


“Really, I just loved everything about this novel. Summer on Fire is a great summer read, and I couldn’t put it down.” — From a review of Summer on Fire from the blog of Melissa Dalton, author of Merrick Maples and the Legend of the Lost Stone. Summer on Fire Review – eulana


Review by Jill of the O.W.L.

SUMMER ON FIRE REVIEW on The O.W.L. (Outrageously Wonderful Literature)


My Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

“This book was absolutely fantastic. I can already see that this will be making the round among family and friends. It tells a great story and for many that I know, it will likely evoke memories of a different time because of the wonderful attention to detail. I’m very glad to have had the chance to read this.” — From a review of Summer on Fire from the blog of



5 of 5 stars

“Couldn’t put this one down. I was immediately captured by the three boys & the crisis that threatened to rip apart their friendship. It’s a story about friendship & family & redemption, written so well that you keep reading through the tears in your eyes. The author transported me to an authentic time & place & age. & I didn’t want to come back. Bravo!” ~ Heather O’Connor


5 of 5 stars

“Kevin does an amazing job of telling a story where heart, loyalty and courage are at war with one another. The reader stares in horror, aware these young boys can’t possibly find a way out of their mess without someone getting hurt. The characters jump out at you and make you want to lecture them for their crazy antics one moment, and pull them in for a hug the next. They wrapped themselves around my heart from the first page and wouldn’t let go. A thoroughly enjoyable read! Nicely done, Kevin. You’re a real talent, and I can’t wait to read your next book.” ~ Sandra Clarke


“I was given the opportunity to review this unpublished novel. I will say the novel is nothing less than an absolute delight. The genre is for YA,  but any age would certainly enjoy reading this book. The dialogue transitioned quite fluidly,  which is something that is difficult to accomplish.  The imagery was so vivid, its as if the boundaries between fiction and reality were blurred. The author keeps you on your toes, he tickles your cranium and has you curious on what may happen on every sequential page that follows.  A delightful read and hopefully we will see more from Mr. Craig. This book should definitely be on the shelves and for the reading public soon.” ~ Sharon


“Started Kevin Craig’s novel (Summer on Fire) tonight as a wee break from deadline work. Figured I’d read the first few pages. Bad decision – I can’t put the book down. On chapter 6 already. Holy crap, Kevin – This is beautifully written, fast paced and other things that I don’t have time to mention right now. I’m sorry – gotta go. Chapter 6 is calling me. Back to you later – maybe… I JUST FINISHED THE BOOK. Oh Kevin, I enjoyed every word, bats and all! Congrats! Ms. Halverton is my favourite character. Her voice is charming, and she’s such a strong character. I loved every word of the book. All the characters are well drawn and each has his/her own voice… when Ms. Halverton was in the scene, it was like energy jumped off the page.” ~ Dorothea Helms


“Finished it!! What a great read! I really enjoyed the relationships among the boys. Their interactions and conversations felt so real. I agree that Mrs. Halverton is a fantastic character. I could almost hear her idioms and voice inflections. The story moves at a brisk pace, the stakes are high for these three friends, and the reader is pulled along in a quest to know What Happens Next. The story is very visual and painted a vivid picture of the characters and locations. It also has a great message about loyalty, friendship and contrition without being obvious or preachy. I’ll be recommending this to both my teenage children! Great job, Kevin! I can’t wait to read the next one.” ~ Caroline Wissing
“From the first page, I was engrossed in the story by Kevin’s gift of bringing vivid actions of the story and characters to life.”~ Bea Sempere
A review of Summer on Fire from the blog “Skipping Stone” Memories

If you would like to share your thoughts on Summer on Fire OR Sebastian’s Poet, please feel free to send them to: kevintcraig @ hotmail dot com

To purchase your own copy of SUMMER ON FIRE from Amazon, click on the book cover below:

To purchase your own copy of SEBASTIAN’S POET from my publisher’s website, click on the book cover below:

Sebastian's Poet

Click on the Cover to Purchase Sebastian’s Poet at Amazon!

Broken people, abandonment, longing, aching. This book drew me in with its beauty, and I shed a few tears. It was so well crafted — a really well-written book — and I was so glad to read it. I loved this book. ~ From an Amazon Review

The prose is beautifully poetic, and yet not flowery, if that makes sense. There’s never a break in the flow of the text. Nothing jars you from the story. I can’t encourage you strongly enough to pick up a copy of Sebastian’s Poet.   ~ From an Amazon Review

A beautifully told coming of age story filled with the hurt and conflict and love you only find in family. Well done. ~ From an Amazon Review

5 Stars! Poignant and beautifully written – Wish I could give it more stars. I was immediately drawn in by the lush prose and the tragic reality of Sebastian’s situation, told first-person by a too-old-for-his-age almost-nine year old boy through the next few years of his life. This haunting story is extremely well told, with great characterization and compelling tension throughout. ~ From an Amazon Review

Craig adeptly maneuvers the reader through the story that is one part a happy trip down memory lane interwoven with a heartbreaking tale of a family fractured, broken, and quite possibly beyond repair. ~ G. Donald Cribbs


You can also purchase it at most online bookstores, including AMAZON.

What people are saying about THE REASONS:

“I absolutely loved this book. I didn’t just read it, I inhaled it. Experienced it. The story of the Reason family is told using the alternating point of view of Tobias Reason and his mother Maggie Reason, a woman struggling with mental illness, struggling with her own troubled past, as well as the loss of her oldest daughter Deja.” ~ Margaret Lesh 

“Here’s another beautifully written book by author Kevin Craig that will pull at your heartstrings. The story is told from two viewpoints, in alternating chapters, by Tobias Reason and his mother, Maggie. Tobias is a young man whose childhood is marked by tragedy. First, his mother’s insanity drives his parents to divorce, and then he loses his beloved older sister, Deja, in a car accident.”~ Caroline Wissing

One of the best books I’ve ever read – a literary masterpiece! Just now I finished an amazing book. It had such power that I feel like I’ve had the wind knocked out of me. I can’t really recall many books that have made me feel that way, and for some reason I am doubly surprised that I know the author. How can someone I know write that damned good??? Stupid thing to say, isn’t it? Besides, I know many tremendous writers, but Kevin Craig, well, I’ve talked to him. I’ve shared meals with him, and I knew he was good – he’s won the Muskoka Novel Marathon about a hundred billion times (four, actually) – but, s***, I had no idea he was that good. ~ Cathy Olliffe-Webster

“Wow. Kevin Craig has yet another winner! A troubled mother, an angry son and the family torn between them. Tobias and Maggie become real people in this novel, and I loved how the alternating chapters were by Tobias and Maggie. If you haven’t read a Kevin Craig novel before, I highly recommend him. His stories truly pull the reader in. Looking forward to the next one!” ~ Mel E. Cober


Click on the Cover to Purchase The Reasons at Amazon!

8 thoughts on “Praise for Kevin’s Books”

  1. Congratulations. Reviews every writer dreams of.

  2. Thank you so much, Gail! You’re absolutely right!

  3. Reading it now and enjoying the story a lot!

  4. Hi Julie, So glad to hear you’re enjoying Summer on Fire! (-:

  5. Epic. I was mentioned on Kevin Craig’s Blog! *humbled* 😀

  6. Summer on Fire is a tight well crafted tale with incredible character development. The plot was not only believable, but well paced. Special attention to character language and gestures added depth and vision. I enjoyed every page and my insatiable desire to be rewarded with a satisfying end was fulfilled. I look forward to reading more from this amazing writer, Kevin Craig.

    Lana Cutrara

  7. Thank you SO much, Lana! I’m so glad you liked it! Such incredibly kind words. Thanks!

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