This past Saturday I had my very first book launch! Summer on Fire was released in July, but due to hectic scheduling–and summer–the launch was held a bit behind the release date. (-:

The first thing I wish to do is profusely thank BLUE HERON BOOKS and its owner SHELLEY MACBETH for offering to launch SUMMER ON FIRE and for making the launch such a memorable and successful occasion! They did an amazing job. There was even a very tasty CAKE for the attendees to dive into. What get together is complete without the amazing presence of CAKE!

Kevin with Shelley MacBeth (owner of Blue Heron Books)

It was such a huge honour to sit down to do a reading and look out at a bookstore FULL of patrons! What a thrill!

Kevin, signing a copy of Summer on Fire for friend and fellow Museitup Author Sandra Clarke


Kevin with members of his WIP (Works In Progress) critique group. In the back, from left to right, are - Karen Cole, Barb Hunt, Sherry Hinman, Collette Yvonne and Myrna Marcelline.

My critique group helped in so many ways to make Summer on Fire a better book!

Cake - it's perfect for EVERY occasion!

Thank you to all family, friends and book lovers alike for attending the launch! You’ve helped to make it a memorable occasion for me. It was the icing on the cake of the publication of my novel. (-: