Duo First Person Narration and WCDR Roundtable Approaches!

Before I get to the upcoming (impending?) WCDR Roundtable Meeting, I thought I’d talk a bit about duo first person narration. I spoke about this to a fellow WCDR member at the WCDR Words of the Season event at The Bear & Firkin in Pickering this past Monday. The first thing I panicked about was a passing mention that writing this form is difficult.

I’m a bit puzzled. Perhaps somebody else can chime in with why they think writing 2 POV characters in first person is difficult? Is it because both characters need to be individuals and it’s presumably hard to write 2 FP POVs in the same novel because the reader may not know which POV they are reading? I did not have that problem. My characters were as different as day and night. I don’t know if any readers had a hard time separating the two voices, but I myself never got lost in the grey area between the two. I never questioned who was speaking. Perhaps this is the difficulty that was alluded to? Who knows. I can just say with absolute surety that I did not find it difficult. In fact, I had so much fun I might just do it again!

I wrote my 3rd published novel as a duo narrated first-person POV. I did it because it was fun. I had no idea it was hard until I heard it said this week. Since hearing that, I’ve been apron-wringing about my novel, THE REASONS. It was NOT hard to write that novel. What I found hard about that novel, was keeping up with the manic narrative that coursed through my brain at the time. I couldn’t get it down fast enough. My narrators are mother and son. And the best part was writing the insanity of the mother. It was a trip getting into her headspace every other chapter. I wrote The Reasons during a 72hr novel writing marathon. I still maintain that I dictated that novel. The two first-person POV characters, Tobias Reason and his mother Maggie, were extremely willing interviewees. Yeah, it sounds crazy…but sometimes one just gets right IN THE ZONE when writing. So much so that it feels like the characters did all the work. All I did during that marathon session was tap the keys…I was a conduit to a pair of mal-adjusted dysfunctional lunatics, and it was a thrill ride. HARD? Hardly!

Now! It’s almost time for the next WCDR Roundtable Meeting! Are you coming this month? You do NOT need to be a member to attend. These monthly meetings are wonderful networking opportunities. AND they are great rewards to give you writing life. As soon as I began to attend these meetings, way back in 2003, I felt legitimate. I had arrived. Attending these meetings helps to get I-might-be-a-writer people off the fence. When you become a part of the action at a WCDR Roundtable, you’re plopped right into the thick of the writing life. Each meeting is an adrenalin shot to keep you in the head-space of writer.

To discover what went on at the January 2014 WCDR Roundtable, click the picture below of Sarah Selecky. Sarah spoke on the finer points of short story writing. January was also the launch of the WCDR Short Story Contest, which Sarah herself will personally judge. You might best know Sarah for her WONDERFUL STORY PROMPT TWEETS on Twitter.

January 2014 WCDR Roundtable Guest Speaker, Sarah Selecky

Don’t miss the February WCDR Roundtable Meeting. What’s going on at this one?

National Bestselling EVE SILVER will be speaking at the February event. her topic will be: Writing Romantic: A Creative Exploration for all Genres

There is always an After Breakfast Mini-Workshop at these meetings. For February, Sandy Campbell will be taking on the topic of SEX. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON THE FEBRUARY MINI-WORKSHOP GETTING SEX ON THE PAGE!

For those writers in the area who are shy-reluctant-terrified to attend one of these meetings, I’ll tell you right now…YOU WILL BE WELCOMED WITH OPEN ARMS. Have no fear. All levels of writers are welcomed–and encouraged–to attend. My first was terrifying! I thought I would have to show my WRITER CARD at the door. Truth be told, I was positive I would actually be turned away at the door…by a posse of laughing actual-writers, with a chorus of, “YOU DON’T BELONG HERE” singing me out the door. But it is not like that! AT ALL! You will be welcomed. Your hand will be held, if need be. Or not, if you’re freaked out by that sort of thing. Newbies are escorted to a table with at least one veteran attendee, and they are made instantly welcome into the fold. Do yourself a favour…ATTEND!

You must register by 9am on the Wednesday before the meeting. Next meeting Saturday, February 8th at 8:30am at Ajax Convention Centre in Ajax.


By Kevin Craig

Author, Poet, Playwright. Author of The Camino Club, Billions of Beautiful Hearts, and Book of Dreams, all from Duet Books, the LGBTQ Young Adult imprint of Chicago Review Press. Other books: Pride Must Be A Place, Half Dead & Fully Broken, Burn Baby Burn Baby, The Reasons, Sebastian's Poet, and Summer on Fire.

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