Senda Litoral Route – Caminho Português – September 2022 – Day 7

Day 7! Vigo to Ponte Sampaio!

Milestone day! This was the day we crossed the 100km mile marker. We began our day in Vigo at just over 100km from our goal of the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela!

One of the very first mile markers of our day 7!
After walking through the city proper, we arrived at its outskirts where we were to begin an ascent…

When you take a photo to show the depth and steepness of a hill, it almost never turns out. Trust me on this, when we got out of the city it was quite a brutal uphill climb to a ridge above it.

A brutal climb, but well worth it once we were able to take in the views the ridge afforded us.

It was actually quite breathtaking…and once we were up there, it was relatively flat for a while.

We kept coming across new vistas that felt like the perfect place to take the day’s selfie…again and again…

There was no end to the beauty below us. A look to the left, throughout this entire Camino, was bound to offer beauty…

Soon after breaking the 100km mark, we were gently being eased back into nature…

The hills of Spain! They’re everywhere!
THIS is what the Camino is all about. Being at one with the nature around you.

Leave it to the Camino to have the most interesting and gorgeous artwork appear out of nowhere along the path. Some call this graffiti or vandalizing, but whatever. I love the art we find along the way. I always appreciate it! I don’t give a rat’s ass what the naysayers say.

Like a fish out of water…

Mid-day we had to climb DOWN into a town. At this point, my toes had had enough! It was one of the most painful descents of our entire Camino. I did find this interesting doll on the porch of one of the houses on our way down, though. Turns out it has its own Instagram and they change the clothes and theme periodically…

I always love the way some locals just get all in when it comes to the Camino. Whether it’s little things like the Meryitsme_ doll, or big elaborate yard decorations. Love!

Once we climbed down into the little town, we found a place to have lunch. The food on the Camino–always simple and fortifying–is ALWAYS just so GOOD! It probably has something to do with the level of exhaustion you’re feeling, with your absolute need to have calories! At any rate, even your run of the mill everyday sandwich tastes like manna from heaven! Especially when paired with a cold beer!

Simple but delectable!

After lunch, we left the little town and found ourselves back in nature. And back to yet another makeshift Camino altar…

Spontaneous ‘altars’ like this one pop up all along the Camino. Little places where pilgrims leave offerings to lost loved ones…

Just prior to reaching our day’s end goal of Ponte Sampaio, we reached a rather iconic Instagram famous landmark. The two shoes!

Follow the YELLOW shoe to Santiago de Compostela…

After crossing a short bridge (a bit of a theme on the Portugues Caminho, as we came to realize), we were in Ponte Sampaio…and just a few hundred feet from our albergue. A few almost impossible hundred feet. The last km is always the worst, I swear!

But we soon discovered we had scored again in the accommodation department. Our lodgings for the night were just shy of perfect! And complete with laundry facilities and a church outside our bathroom window!

The restuarant a couple of doors down was affiliated with the albergue and offered some great fare! We were just happy we wouldn’t have to walk too far to fuel up!

If you’re stopping in Ponte Sampaio, you won’t go wrong staying in El Hostel Albergue O MESÓN de Ponte Sampaio. The link is to their website, but we booked through Booking dot com.

That’s day seven over! 3 days to go…how fast the Caminos go! Day 8? Caldas de Reis or bust!

Click here to jump to DAY 8!

I’m also an author. One of my novels, a young adult story, is set on the Camino Frances route of the Camino de Santiago. THE CAMINO CLUB. It follows six teens on their journey from Ponferrada to Santiago de Compostela. The teens walk with court appointed counselors in a juvenile delinquent program that will see them free of their records once they make the journey to Santiago…a clean slate. Think of a more diverse The Breakfast Club, but on the Camino de Santiago over two weeks instead of in a school library on a Saturday. Give it a look! It’s available wherever books are sold. Here’s the Amazon USA link.



Camino Tuesday – Weekly Thematic Prompts on Twitter

Every Tuesday on Twitter, the Camino de Santiago community (yes, we’re a community… just shy of a cult, probably) participates in a hashtag called #CaminoTuesday. This community event was created by Dr. Anne E. Bailey, a faculty member in the History department of the University of Oxford. She curates and announces the weekly theme, often getting ideas from community members who participate in the hashtag.

Michael, walking ahead of me amid behemoths on the Camino Frances (September, 2019).

This week’s theme is TREES. Gathering a few pics to share made me realize how much I love to photograph trees. They just might be my favourite subject, next to doors.

Trees make great frames in a photo, if you capture them just right…

Seeing the pics also forced me come to a final decision in regards to something I’ve been wavering on now for a few weeks. Should I carry my heavy camera with me when I walk the Caminho Portugues in mid-September. The answer, I now know, is YES. Whatever woes it causes, I’ll suffer the consequences of my decision for the sake of a slightly better picture than I would have gotten with my phone camera. My latest phone doesn’t take as good a picture as my previous phone, and I keep noticing this fact. Whenever I zoom in the slightest, my photos become a little grainy. I’d rather have the burden of the camera in my bag than have a phone filled with grainy photos.

Sunlight glinting through the trees is a favourite of mine. Especially a morning sun…

With just over two weeks to go before we head for Portugal, it took seeing these photos for me to come to the final decision about the camera. I hope I don’t regret it…but I believe I’d regret grainy photos more than the extra weight.

If you want to participate or follow along on the #CaminoTuesday offerings, just click on the hashtag on Twitter, or follow DR. ANNE E. BAILEY for the latest. Every Tuesday, year round.