Haunting Stories a Blast AND a Reminder that Writing Community is Essential!

Last night was the “HAUNTING STORIES WITH LOCAL AUTHORS AT TOWN HALL 1873” event at the Port Perry Townhall 1873 Theatre. So much fun!

From left to right: Tobin Elliott, Connie Di Pietro, Kevin Craig, M-E Girard

I really enjoyed reading an excerpt from my latest young adult novel, Book of Dreams. There was a great supportive crowd of listeners there to hear the 5 authors read from their latest novels.

It was also amazing to see my fellow writers. We all realized how much we’ve been missing literary events and each other. Until just prior to the pandemic, the writing community in the area was vital and vibrant. In fact, it was a creative lifeline for a great many writers…myself included. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I was once again around my people last night.

The other four author/readers, as they appeared last night…

The Author: Tobin Elliott, reading from both Bad Blood and Out for Blood, the first two of his 6-book series.
The Book.


The Author: Maighread MacKay, reading from Murder at Mother’s, Book 2 of her Lake Scugog Mystery Series.
The Book.
The Author: Jordan Murray, reading from her novel, I Did it For You.
The Book.
The Author: Connie Di Pietro, reading from In the Shadow of the Stones, Book 1 of her 3 book series The Shadow Witches in Time.
The Book.

All of these four readers did tremendous jobs! You could tell by the hushed leaned-forward attitudes of all those in attendance, that they held a captive audience. Such great readings!

Here’s some purchase links for those authors in attendance and participating in the reading:


Amazon Canada

Amazon USA


Amazon Canada

Amazon USA


Amazon Canada

Amazon USA


Amazon Canada

Amazon USA

In the audience last night was Girl Mans Up author M-E Girard! It was M-E who brought up the need of community that we have been missing since the writing community of Durham Region (WCDR) events slowed down in the pandemic years. We all mourned the loss of our creative community gatherings and opened a discussion for getting back together and reigniting that spark.

M-E has a new book coming out in just a couple of months! On the heels of the highly successful Girl Mans Up, look for their highly anticipated sophomore novel THEN EVERYTHING HAPPENS AT ONCE…coming January 31st, 2023!

Click the image below:

All in all, it was a fun night! It was good to be back in the literary lane for a bit! Hopefully we’ll get together for some writing in the future. It would be great to get back to some of that creative energy that came about from being around the WCDR crowd!

(Proceeds from this event went to the theatre’s Reshaping The Future fundraising campaign.)

A New Author Event! Haunting Stories with local authors at Town Hall 1873

I will be taking part in an author reading event in Port Perry, Ontario, on Sunday October 30th! And all for a good cause, too! Really looking forward to this one! It’s at the beautiful Port Perry Town Hall Theatre and proceeds from the event go to benefit the Town Hall 1873 “Reshaping the Future” fundraising campaign!

From the website:

“Haunting Stories with local authors at Town Hall 1873”

Sunday, October 30th in the theatre.

Time: 7 – 9pm

Price: $15 – General Admission

The following local authors will take the stage to read parts of their hauntingly dark novels that will raise the hairs on the back of your necks, after which, you’ll get the chance to meet and chat with the authors who’ll have their books for sale:

Connie Di Pietro

Tobin Elliott

Jordan Murray

Kevin Craig

Maighread MacKay

Proceeds to benefit the Town Hall 1873 “Reshaping the Future” fundraising campaign.

I will have a few copies of BOOK OF DREAMS (DUET BOOKS, the YA imprint of CHICAGO REVIEW PRESS) for sale at the event, and I look forward to reading from this latest of my novels and chatting with the audience!

Hope to see you there!

To learn more about RESHAPING THE FUTURE, click HERE.

For tickets to the HAUNTING STORIES event in Port Perry, CLICK HERE.

To learn more about the book I’ll be reading from, read below:


Gaige’s curiosity gets the better of him when he discovers a bookstore on an abandoned street where no bookstore should be. He steps inside and is immediately enthralled by its antiquarian sights and smells. But one book in particular calls to him. It isn’t long before he gets a bad feeling about it, but it’s already too late. The store’s aged bookseller gives him no alternative: once he touches the book, it’s his—whether he wants it or not. It’s bought and paid for and there are no returns. The book leads Gaige on a horrific descent into the unknown. As he falls into the depths of its pages, he loses blocks of time, and his friends become trapped inside ancient cellars with seemingly no means of escape. Gaige soon learns that the ancient bookseller is a notorious serial killer from a previous century, and fears that he has fallen into a predicament from which he may not escape. When all seems lost, he finds the one person he can turn to for help—Mael, a sweet teen also trapped inside the book who didn’t fall for the bookseller’s tricks. Together, they race against time to protect Gaige from joining a long string of boys who vanished without a trace inside the book of dreams.

You can buy BOOK OF DREAMS wherever books are sold. Here’s some purchase links:

Amazon USA | Amazon Canada | Chicago Review Press Print | Chicago Review Press Ebook | Barnes & Noble | Interlude Press | Kobo USA | Kobo Canada | IndieBound | Blackwell’s | Booktopia | Book Depository | APPLE Books | Goodreads

You can also listen to BOOK OF DREAMS on AUDIOBOOK.

Narrated by CJ HEINEMAN


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